About Us

Technimold Tool, Inc now has a new name and location! we are a family owned and operated business now called Technimold, Inc and we are now located in the U.P. of Michigan in a small town known as Caspian. Once located in the town of cary, IL and founded by a small businessman named Dennis Crounse in the late 1960's, Technimold once employed more than 25 people up until the economy hit a recession in the mid 1980's. Dennis was a hands on part of his company often traveling to other parts of the country to see what was new in the industry and working late nights to be sure that the company ran more efficient. Dennis was a man with many skills and very innovative, often coming up with clever ideas to make a product work better. He helped develop the dice for TSR Inc in the late 70's for the game known as Dungeons and Dragons (MD). Dennis also designed and developed a cigar holder for on the golf course that was in the shape of a golf ball. In 2008 Technimold Tool, Inc was handed down to Dennis's youngest son Dan and his wife to continue running. Dan ran the company in Illinois until 2016 when he decided to restructure and move to a whole new location. Although the company has been restructured we still provide all the services we did in the past and will continue to for years to come.

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